How Playing Animal Crossing Calms Everyone.

Use my degree as your excuse to please (please) take a breather from 2020.

To cross, or not to cross? Photo by Kristians Dundurs via Unsplash.
  • 🥥 catch butterflies and bees in a net
  • 🥥 grow delicious fruits
  • 🥥 decorate, with fruit bowls or robots
  • 🥥 create custom designs
  • 🥥 talk to your neighbours (30% are pastel deer)

“So its just a hybrid of Minecraft and The Sims?”

I’ve picked it up to become a proud fellow islander, so not quite. Soft graphics and home-building raccoon aside, I believe Animal Crossing does more for the mind than either of the above.

🍒 You’re doing what humans are supposed to be doing.

Evolutionary psychology tries to explain the mind the same way in biology we try to explain why we have an appendix, or eyelashes. Boggling and wonderful as consciousness is, we assume it is all there for a reason that stems from our ancestry. Feelings always serve a value.

🍐 Less a game; more a bonsai tree.

The fascinating part of how Animal Crossing works is, it is engaging without being addictive.

Accredited psychologist, England. Smuggling useful truths out of academia. Gen Z.

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